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Kabbala Armband mit Schma Jisrael Gebet und Hamsa

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Kabbala Armband mit Schma Jisrael Gebet und Hamsa
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Kabbalah red string bracelet for protection. This amazing Kabbalah bracelet has also Shema Israel blessing inscription and Hamsa charm with Turquoise stone. Kabbalah bracelet meaning: according to Jewish tradition the red string eliminates bad energies in the life. The red string bracelet is coming from Rachel's Tomb in Beit Lechem in Israel. Rachel was Jacob's wife. It is traditionally believed that the energies are coming from the left side of the body and leave from the right side. So this is why Kabbalah bracelet should be worn on the left wrist.

Red string bracelets are very popular nowadays not only in Israel but in all world. A lot of celebrities are interested in Kabbalah and wear this protection bracelet, which helps to collect positive energies and brings luck. 

This Kabbalah bracelet is custom made (please choose your size), please pay attention it takes a few days to produce it. The protection bracelet will be delivered with DHL Express Shipping and can be perfect gift for your loved ones.

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Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

Ursprungsland Israel
Marke Magic Touch jewelry
Material Silber 925
Geschlecht unisex