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Mineralien-Haut-Entlastungs-Creme des Toten Meeres 125ml

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Mineralien-Haut-Entlastungs-Creme des Toten Meeres 125ml
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DSM Skin Relief Cream


The DSM Relief Cream is best known as a fantastic clarifying treatment for irritated skin. The cream is produced in a process that involves a successful combination of vitamins salts & minerals Dead Sea mud and natural plant components. The manufacturers affirm that this combination produces an effective solution for long standing skin problems that need a special form of treatment.
Specific ingredients contained in the DSM Skin Relief Cream include the popular Aloe Vera Horse Chestnut Plantago and Green Tea Hippophae Oil which has been valued as an effective natural component for skin care since ancient Greek; it feeds the skin with essential nutrition that enhances prevention of tenderness as well as inflammatory conditions.
Vitamin A in particular plays an important role of stimulating new cell production in addition to preventing dehydration. Vitamin E stimulates blood flow in the subcutaneous; Vitamin F moisturizes the skin hence preventing dryness and flakiness while the Vitamin B group protects the skin against inflammation and infections.

Product Features


Plant essences Horse Chestnut Plantago Aloe Vera and Green Tea.
Hippophae Oil - valued since ancient Greek times; nourishes the skin preventing inflammation oand tenderness. Vitamin A - stimulates the prdocution of new cells and prevents dehydration. Vitamin F -prevents dry flaky skin. Vitamin E -stimulates subcutaneous blood flow; an antioxidant. Vitamin H + Vitamin B series counteracts infection and inflammation.

Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

Ursprungsland Israel
Marke Dead Sea Minerals
Material Nicht zutreffend
Geschlecht unisex