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Gold and silver shield of David Pendant with Smoky Topaz stone

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Gold and silver shield of David Pendant with Smoky Topaz stone

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Pendant silver combined 9k gold Star David with Smoky Topaz stone inlaid.

Shield of David is a six-pointed star made up of two triangles that are superimposed. The six points represent the absolute rule and protection of God over the universe in all directions. The north south east west up and down are all under one God's rule. In Kabbalah the secret of the shields is in their power to create changes in the spirit and in helping to achieve balance and internal healing.

*Topaz=Peteda=tribe of Shimon=Taurus sign.

Adds energy and enthusiasm, protects against dangers and accidents, attracts love and money, increases self-control and leadership. As a talisman Topaz gives to the person honesty, objectivity, releases its wearer from the grip of rough and dangerous passions. It was believed that this stone helps to chase away insomnia, brings down high blood pressure and helps to heal asthma.



Product Features

-       Silver 925 ring with 9k gold

-       All gemstones and materials are original

-       The item contains certificate of origin

Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

Ursprungsland Israel
Marke Magic Touch jewelry
Material Gold and Silver
Geschlecht unisex

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